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Polígono Industrial do Alto do Ameal, Pavilhão C08 - Ramalhal - Torres Vedras
2565-256 Ramalhal - Torres Vedras

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XYZLAB is located in Torres Vedras, a town in Portugal known for its commitment to sustainability, new technologies and 4.0. industry.

There are 100m2 where the synergy happens, a laboratory of CONSULTING, DESIGN and PROTOTYPING, able to support its clients throughout the life cycle of a business: creation, communication and production.
Focused on a single space is a passion-driven team of creatives, developers and makers, developing integrated brand, service and product experiences that connect users around the world.

Each project is understood as an interdisciplinary exercise focused on technology to offer a personalized service.

Following the best practices to help your company developing and implementing custom processes that will increase value in a smart and sustainable way, it offers the following services in the field of #consulting:
Data Analysis | Financial Management | Accounting Management | Market Research | Marketing Strategy | Identity Planning.

Design thinking is essential to your brand story and product's functionality. To transform ideas into experiences, it offers the following services in the field of #design:
Brand Activation | Experience Design | Brand Communication | UI/UX | Android & iOS | Graphic & Multimedia.

Developing products with innovative techniques and tools focused on the end user experience to craft, build and test your product. Optimizes the process for production offering the following services in the field of #prototyping:
Packaging & Merchandising | Rapid Prototyping | Product Design | Project Monitoring | 3D Modeling & Printing | Laser & Milling CNC Machine

that moves through bits and atoms connecting brands, products and clients to make dreams come true.