Bairro Glória Gordalina 10, 2415 Leiria, Portugal - Apartado 550
2401-976 Leiria

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Compogal - Indústria de Polímeros, S.A., was founded in 23 of June of 1987, being its target the transformation of plastic materials, producing Compounds of PVC, TR and SEBS, in close cooperation with its customers, in accordance with specifications in function of the intended application.
Compogal is located in Gândara dos Olivais, Leiria, Portugal, where are located the administrative and manufacture installations.
The evolution of Compogal, has been based in supported growth, trying to adapt the structure of the company to the evolution of the market, without threatening its solidity and versatility.
The changes that have been introduced seek mainly to improve the work conditions and the quality of its products.
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