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Earth Conexions
Flameproof Equipment
Installation Sealed Equipment
Installation Non-Sealed Equipment
Low Voltage Equipment
Flame Proof Lighting Fixtures
Underwater Projectors and Lighting…
Industrial and Commercial Lighting…
Public Lighting Fixtures
Equipment Storage Boxes and Cabinetry
Fluorescent Lighting Starters
Engine Starters
Cable Identification Articles
Ballasts For Discharge Lamps
Emergency Lighting Autonomous…
Electrical Installations Boxes
Shoots For Electrical Installations
Power Capacitors
Discharge Lamps Capacitors
Electric Conducters
Contactors-Circuit Breakers
Frequency Conversion
High Voltage Dischargers
H.T. Circuit Breakers
High Cutting Power L.T. Circuit…
Diferential Circuit Breakers
Miniature Circuit Breakers
Motive Power Circuit Breakers
Accoustic Signaling Devices
Electrical Equipment
Lighting Equipment And Supplies
Tension Stabilizers
Lighting Systems Study and Assembly
Wirind and Insulated Cabling
Wiring And Non-Insulated Cabling
Hand Lamps
Switches: Twilight
Switches: Float
Switches: Command And Control
Switches: And Switch-Board
Switches: Stroke Piston
Switches: Time-Tables
Switches: Fuses
Lamps: Discharge
Lamps: Halogeneous
Incandescent Lamps
Lamps: Miniature
Current Inverter Set
Lightning Rods
Lighting Posts
Panel Boards: Electric
Boards: Signalizing
Rules: Terminals
Auxiliar Relays
Relays: Measure
Relays: Protection
Electric Resistances
Rupto-Fuses H.T.
H.T. Disconnecting Switches and…
In Charge H.T. Disconnecting Switches…
Disconnecting Switches-Fuses
Supports And Supplies For Busbars
Supports For Lamps
Terminals And Binding
Transformers: Measure
Transformers: Potency
Electric Transformers