US Dollar

Currency 1€ =
USD US Dollar 1.1655
JPY Japanese Yen 133.1200
DKK Danish Krone 7.4406
SEK Swedish Krona 10.0300
GBP Pound Sterling 0.8428
NOK Norwegian Krone 9.7340
CZK Czech Koruna 25.5050
HUF Hungarian Forint 360.6400
PLN Polish Zloty 4.5729
CHF Swiss Franc 1.0716
CAD Canadian Dollar 1.4389
AUD Australian Dollar 1.5601
NZD New Zealand Dollar 1.6294
ZAR South African Rand 17.0003
BGN Bulgarian Lev 1.9558
HKD Hong Kong Dollar 9.0635
ISK Icelandic Krona 150.0000
KRW South Korean Won 1372.9600
SGD Singaporean Dollar 1.5666
BRL Brazilian Real 6.4806

The Guião can not guarantee the veracity of data submitted. You should always check exchange rates before any foreign exchange transaction. Data shown are provided by the European Central Bank and updated once a day.

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